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Michael Block

Managing Director


“With block I can realize my own visions for a German hi-fi brand and continue to develop it. "

Anja Block

Office Management


“Versatile, innovative and inspiring. This is block ... WE are block! "


Anja Tapper

Contact & Office Service


"I like working for Block because I am 100% convinced of our products. Design and technology united at a high level! "

Nicolas Beck

Contact & Office Service


"Block is musical, sensuous and cheeky! As diverse as the music you hear. Block is the brand for everyone."

Miriam Horstmann

Contact & Office Service


"I really appreciate block because I like music. Block combines good sound and design in every stage of life. "

Jack Block



“Here nobody comes in without an invitation”


Lennart Witte

Marketing & Web


"For me, block means technology at the highest level, design in perfection and as individual as each of us."

Andreas Bartels

Marketing & Web


“For me, Block represents the passion for music. Innovation and design at the highest level in a single product, that is Block !"

Technology & SUPPORT

Frank Pösnecker

Development & Support


"Block is for me the development and further development of products in order to meet our own requirements and those of our customers!"

Stephan Buchholz

Technology & Support


"For me, Block stands for innovative products and top service, as our motto says: Audiophiles for everyone!"

Matthäus Jordan

Technology & Support


"Block for me means a comprehensive customer service from the quality assurance up to answering every request from our costumers!"

Logistics & Dispatch

Volker Siering

Logistik & Versand


"Block is long-term quality, massive fronts, stable housings, generously dimensioned components. Thanks to our internal quality control it means the Hi-Fi fun for many years! "


Matthias Kleber

Sales Representative (Hessen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate)


"I've been working in this branch for 30 years, and I’ve been with Block since the beginning, taking part of the external sales team. It is incredible how fast a new brand with an excellent price-performance ratio and a flair for novelties can have success in Germany”!

Ingbert Krugmann

Sales Representative (North Rhine-Westphalia)


"For me, Audioblock means an excellent and sustainable innovation and quality for the highest demands."

Thomas Drolshage

Sales Representative (Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Schleswig Holstein)


"Future-oriented network technology combined with the highest quality, just the best Hi-Fi audio quality, this is BLOCK!"

Marcel Block

Sales Representative (Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)


"For me, block means passion, elegance and innovation combined with German engineer’s art. A family enterprise of a special kind! "

Detlef Borst

Sales Representative (Bayern)


"On the pulse of time with future-oriented technology, I have learned to appreciate Audioblock."