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What is the name of the app with which one can control the block multi-room devices?


The app is called "UNDOK". If you enter "UNDOK" in your smart phone store (Android & iOS) you can download it for free.




Is there a "UNDOK" app also for PC?


No, unfortunately there is a "UNDOK" app at the moment only for smart phones and tablets.




How many devices can I integrate to my multi-room network?


You can summarise 5 devices all together into a multi-room network. This consists of a master transmitting device and 4-slave receiver devices.




Which devices can I use with the Multi-room function?


With the multi-room function, you can use the units with the names IR-100+MKII, CVR-100+MKII, SR-100, CR-20, CR-10, CR-10toGO! SB-50, SB-100, SB-200 and the BB-100MKI.




When the Multi-room system does not work properly or breaks the streaming off.


Überprüfen Sie bitte den Softwarestand jedes der Multiroomgeräte. Sollten Updates zur Verfügung stehen führen Sie diese aus.


How stable is your WLAN network? Are there places where the reception is weak? If this should be the case, it is advisable to use WLAN amplifiers.


Do not integrate your multi-room devices in the guest channel of your router. There are security directives from many routers manufacturers that prohibit streaming.


If you are broadcasting a radio transmitter via FM or DAB +, please check how strong is the signal of the transmitter is. In the case of weak transmitter that breaks off constantly, a streaming in multi-room operation cannot be guaranteed.



Have you changed the password, has the name or your router changed or has something been renewed? Then the Internet settings must be changed for all devices. To do this, open the menu, select System Control, and then click Internal Settings. Once the network assistant is selected and set up you can also select "Manual Setup" and follow all steps there. The SB-50 / -100 / -200 must be reset and the unit must be restarted.








Could I connect my Bluetooth headphones to the Block network devices via Bluetooth?


No, this is not possible because the Block devices already dispose of a Bluetooth receiver. To be able to listen to music on a Bluetooth headphone, a Bluetooth transmitter should be installed.




Where can I get an operating instruction for my block device?


You can easily access the Downloads tab on our website. Here you can choose your device and download the BDA. Or just click here…




Bad WLAN reception / no connection can be established.


Check whether you have your WLAN aerial connected to the device.



Which remote control can be used on my device?


You can download a list in the following LINK in where you can see which device allows to be steered with which remote control.




The DAB + / FM radio of my R-250 + does not work anymore!


Go to "System Settings" under "Menu" and then press "Factory Reset". Should the problem persist, please contact our technical support team.




The sound output of my R-250 + no longer works / no sound to hear.


Turn up the volume controller (volume regulator) and check whether your RCA cable is properly plugged and connected.




When it takes a long time to read the inserted CD.


First of all, focuses the laser unit. This serves to ensure the correct distance between the laser unit and the CD. This step takes approximately 15-20 seconds because our drives can read several formats.




In normal operation, the device shows "search for network".


Many of our products are network compatible, which means that these must be connected to the Internet to load software updates that ensure improvements for operation via apps and multi-rooms operation.


In case you have no access to an Internet connection or do not want to use the Internet function of the device, you can deactivate it as follows for all network devices (except SB 50/100/200).


Use the following steps: Menu -> System Control -> Internet Settings -> Network Hold -> NO


In case you decide to use the network functions, simply execute the steps described again and press "YES" at the end.




After switching off, the display time may not be accurate or will not be saved.


The time will not be saved when the power supply is disconnected. This is due to the fact that the corresponding devices do not dispose of a permanent memory for the time.

This can prevent you from synchronizing the time over the Internet. In order to do this, set your device to "Update from Net" and make sure you have an active Internet connection. You can also synchronise your time using DAB + and FM. For that, you must select a corresponding source for synchronisation. The duration of this procedure can last differently depending on the different transmitters transmitter.




Can I control the volume of the REC-Out on my device?


No, the volume always comes at the same volume level from the REC-Out.




How can I change the Summer / Wintertime?


For all devices except the CVR-100 MKII with the blue font in the display, the conversion will be as follow: Menu -> System settings -> Start setup wizard -> confirm all settings to the point Summer / Wintertime -> Select the suitable one  - according to the time -> Close the setup wizard.




In case of DAB + / FM dropouts.


Please check the reception power of the aerial. When the DAB+ transmitter is set, you can access additional information by pressing the info key on the remote control. Among other things, you can get the signal strength and the signal errors. Please try to reduce the signal errors to "0" by adjusting the antenna differently. The signal power should be at least up to the hyphen of the display.